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Are you a Christian in technology? Kingdom Code draws together Christians who are passionate about technology. Whether you work as a developer, designer, data guru, product manager, entrepreneur or simply have a vision - everyone is welcome. Kingdom Code wants to catalyse serendipity - by seeing friendships, ideas and projects flourish as a result of making a dedicated space for Christians in tech. We want to help you give and receive encouragement amongst likeminded people; meetup around exciting ideas and speakers; and explore how we can use tech to serve Kingdom purposes and the common good. Especially look out for our 'Code for the Kingdom' hackathon. If you want to find out more, make friends and connect with others in the tech space then sign up to our email list and come to our next event. All are welcome. Kingdom Code was founded by Rupert Edwards, creator of Lepton, the church giving app, and Andy Geers - creator of the PrayerMate app.

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Kingdom {?} is?

At the next Kingdom Code meet up we’re going to be trying something slightly different. We’ve invited three speakers to share their reflection on what they think kingdom development, design and technology building is. The idea is that this will be a thought starter, so there will be time for discussion and Q&A after.

We're in a new venue on Borough High Street, less than 2 minute walk from Borough Station or London Bridge.

Really hope to see you there! Kingdom Code

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